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My name is Todd. I am a Usui Holy Fire® III Reiki Master teacher, Akashic channel, Anjali breathwork practitioner, and shamanic musician. I'm here to help accelerate your healing, balance chakras, reduce stress, and realize your infinite potential.

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29 reviews
  • Occam wood·

    I consider myself truly blessed to know Todd as a friend he is kind and gentle and so talented in so many ways, and as a professional and practitioner I hold him in the highest esteem he is not only genuine and heart centered but is also incredibly adept at connecting to higher source energy and channeling not only Reiki but other forms of information and channeling. Every moment and every dollar spent with Todd is a investment that pays back for long after. Thank you Todd

  • Laura Crowe·

    Todd Willis possesses exceptional skills as a Reiki Master Teacher and Healer. I've had the privilege of collaborating with him for approximately two years, and his talent is truly remarkable. Today, I underwent the Usui Holy Fire® III Master Reiki Upgrade, which proved to be an intense journey. It evoked tears and even led me to speak in light language. I highly recommend Todd for readings, healing, and teaching.

  • Stacy Fountain·

    I just finished Reiki Master training with Todd. He is a great teacher, patient, and very knowledgeable. I am grateful I have been able to do all of my Reiki training with him. Highly recommend for reiki training and reiki sessions as well.

  • Melanie A·

    I had a wonderful and clearing reiki session with Todd. He was gentle, wise and generous with his time. His insights were useful and profound. thank you fr sharing your gift!

  • Amanda J·

    Todd is a beautiful soul who puts his time and energy to make sure you get your answers . He does not play around. I will honestly say, I will get my reading from him again! And would recommend him to anyone.

  • Christina J Antonucci·

    Todd is a wonderful Reiki Master from whom I received Usui Holy Fire® III - Reiki I training. It was a beautiful experience, and I enjoyed connecting with him through distance learning over Zoom. He taught me the history and foundations of Reiki. Then, He led me through two separate guided meditations, one to prepare me to learn Reiki and the other to receive my attunement. He thoroughly went over all the hand positions and made sure that I was familiar with and comfortable using them. He showed me the proper techniques for scanning and doing Reiki on myself, then allowed me to practice the process. I appreciated he went at a slow pace so I could absorb all that I was learning. He also allows for a quick break during the session for any necessities. I look forward to taking my Reiki II training with Todd next month. Anyone wishing to learn Reiki would benefit from learning with Todd! He is such a blessing!

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